East Timor/ Netherlands

East Timor/ Netherlands

Double Movie Night: Transporter, Transporter 2

This movie was definately not as bad as it could have been. It’s full of action and the story, although it can get a little confusing for a moment with all the foreign aspects, was pretty good. The start was a little slow and rough. The beginning slowly started to remind me of Lethal Weapon, but it transitioned into more of a “die hard” type. Jason Statham’s character is well played and the level of action that he alone puts into it, is pretty darn impressive. I did notice a few technical errors, but for the most part, very well done.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Transporter 2 was a bit more interesting. It adds a family aspect to the point where we think this “transporter” may actually be capable of feelings. Usually the sequels are not as good as the original, but this movie had just as much action, story, and explosions as the first. It is essentially a story about saving a kid from kidnappers, but it’s done in a cool, unique way that I haven’t seen in many other movies, if any. My only complaint is the hench-woman. She couldn’t find any more fabric laying around?

Rating: 5 paws out of 5.


Garlic Cheese Fingers: these were okay, but next time I’m really going to pile on the cheese. The thing is, the best part about garlic fingers is the dipping sauce, which I didn’t have. Next time I make them, I will have to find a recipe for that as well.

Strawberry dole whip: this was actually better than I had expected. A lot of times the strawberry over powers the whole recipe and almost makes it sour, but this one is very smooth. The only thing I didn’t like was the tiny seeds, but that’s strawberries for ya. I don’t think there’s any avoiding it.

Chicken pesto Sandwich: Pretty good. It tasted a lot better than it looks. You can load it up with the veggies you want too, but I like mine simple.

Cookies n’ cream hot chocolate: This might be my favorite bit. You use hot chocolate mix, but use milk instead of water. I’ve heard of this before but haven’t really tried it. It adds a creaminess to the drink and the toppings are great too.

For my around the world recipes, I had a recipe from East Timor and a recipe from the Netherlands.

East Timor: (in the shape of ghosts) Pudim de Coco. This recipe seemed to be a little eggy to me, but overall a pretty nice dessert. I’m having an issue with the caramel though. Once you turn them over and empty them out, they basically look like a flan. The caramel doesn’t stick to the pudding though. It slides of in one big chunk. It would have been nice for the two to meld together.

Netherlands: I made a dessert called “hangop” which to me sounds like “hang up”, which is what you do. It’s basically a dried yogurt. You hang it up, drain the water, and that’s it. It takes a long time to do. You are supposed to leave it over night. My issue is that as a dairy item, should this be left out over night? I had a sample, and I do enjoy the texture, the flavor doesn’t really change. It ends up like a cream cheese with the flavor of the yogurt you use. Here is my “hangop” during the process:

Transporter Refueled:

The new Transporter movie is in theatres now and although it doesn’t include Jason Statham anymore, the series can survive. The new guy does a good job of imitating Statham’s unique style and his body even looks like his! You can tell this one has a bit more of an accent, but we’ll forgive him. There is a bit of everything in this movie. The usual action adds a family twist when the father is added in the mix and relationships develop with the new lady characters. I have to say though, my favorite parts were the nods to the previous films. This movie could easily stand alone, but it also likes to bring us back to the greatest moments from its predecessors. A must watch for lovers of action, movies, and revenge.

Rating: 4.5 paws.

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The Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trials

Okay, I don’t normally review new movies, but this one has to be done.

Why did you have to ruin this franchise!?

The books are hard enough to follow, what with the constant flash backs and memory loss. The good thing about reading the books that are made into movies is that you have the background stories to help you understand the characters’ behaviour. Not the case with these movies. Yes, the first one started to get a little of track with their maze, but it seemed as though it would all come back to the same ending. There were a few things left out here and there, but it wasn’t a major loss. This movie completely goes off the rails. Not only does nothing that you’ve wanted to happen, happen, but the “Scorch Trials”? They don’t happen either. Yes, they are in the scorch for a PORTION of the movie, but there is no trial. Where’s the trial!?!?!?!

I have to admit, before there was even talks of this movie, I didn’t know how they would go about it, given that half of the book is just them walking and running out of water, but there is so much that could have been done while keeping the integrity of the books. Your favorite parts of the books that you wait for, forget it. It doesn’t happen.

Wasn’t Thomas supposed to be on the brink of death at one point?

And the best part, that the entire book leads up to? The epic battle between man and machine-things? Spoiler alert: it doesn’t happen. I waited the entire movie for it and then the credits rolled. I’m so completely dissatisfied with this movie. If I had paid for my ticket, I would have demanded my money back.

This really just seems like a sell out to me. They took away all the good parts and filled it with empty explosions, the stereotypical, dramatic “hold on!” Scenes, and fireworks.

Thus proving that just because you have money, doesn’t mean you can make a movie.

Utterly disappointed.

2 paws out of 5.

P.S. If you are jumpy, you might want to close your eyes when the cranks show up. A job well done to the arts department for those terrifying creatures though.