Movie: Descendants

Review: This movie is basically the children of heroes and villains having the same fight their parents had years beforehand. Although it’s a Disney movie, and there are a few good qualities, I have so many complaints about this one. Let’s break it down.

1. The actors- none of these actors, aside from maybe one, look old enough to play these characters. They are all very baby-faced. My problem with that is that back in the day, people would age much worse, not better, and it almost seems like the characters are too young for the content.

2. It’s a musical. I didn’t know that before I put it on. But it’s not just a musical. The songs are all very happy. These are villains! Why are they so joyous!?

3. Prince Charming- the offspring of Prince Charming and Cinderella would never be that spoiled. His mama would have taught him better than that.

4. The King and Queen. Why is the king and queen beauty and the beast? Of all heroes, what would make them the best choice? I much would have rathered seen Cinderella or Snow White be queen. In saying that though, I do see that the male lead in this one would need to be able to see the beauty in everyone.

5. Auradon: Besides rhyming or Oregon, what is the significance of this name?

6. The love spell (spoiler). The love spell just wears off and the prince just doesn’t care. I get that he actually really likes her anyway, but come on dude, even YOU have to be made over the deceit.

7. The “double-cross” (spoiler). The moment when you think Maleficent’s daughter grabs the wand and it turns out to be a hero’s daughter. Kind of a let down. It’s different than I would expect, but I still would have rathered see the girl having that crisis of identy instead of just saying, “nah, I’m going to be good”.

8. How did Maleficent get off the island?

9. Sleeping Beauty’s mom: I know there are different versions of all the fairy tales, but I’m trying to piece together her place in this story. It wasn’t well explained.

10. The ending: nothing really concluded. Obviously the big “battle” if you want to call it that was won, but they WERE right in the middle of something… They left it open for a sequel, but you should sum up most things, just in case it doesn’t happen.

11. WHERE IS SNOW WHITE’S CHILD? And is she named “Emma”?

The movie was also set in present day, but within fairy tale limits. There are a few glitches in this plot, but overall, I was an original idea. I will say, I think that if you are going to go with something that hasn’t been seen before, you really need to hit it out of the part, which this movie didn’t.

I know this movie was a big hit with kids this summer, and it had its moments, but I see so much more potential in this one, than what was done.

The dance numbers were impressive though. They were modern, but didn’t go outside of the characters either.

Side note: Does anyone else think the Evil Queen’s daughter reminds them of Demi Lovato?

Rating: 3.5 paws out of 5

Easy Garlic Chicken: This recipe is simple and delicious. It’s one of the best ways I’ve had chicken breast. It’s so simple and sweetened with brown sugar. I will be making this again for sure.

Chocolate soufflé: the soufflé is very simple as well. It looks like a heavy, dense cake, but once you stick a fork in it it seems similar to a light, airy mousse. Also a recipe to remember.

 Starbucks caramel frappuccino: this recipe seems to be a bit more complicated than it needs to be. Although it’s good, it’s not really a replica of Starbucks, and it seems to me more like an iced coffee.

Finally, for my around the world item, I made Senegal coconut cakes. What’s interesting about these cakes is that instead of baking them, they are fried. AND you can cut them into any shape you want. They are pretty dense as well. Taste-wise, they are pretty much just a dry cake, with a hint of coconut flavor. Although if I slathered them in icing, they would be very enjoyable.

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Let me know if you have any suggestions!


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