Movie: Speed Racer

Review: Speed Racer, apparently it’s a comic book? For starters, it’s looks comic-y. The backgrounds and settings are very cartoonish and unrealistic. It sort of reminded me of that show “lazytown” (I think it’s called). I was expecting there to be puppets at any second. The acting is pretty mediocre, even though there are a few well-known names thrown in there. Also, the family name. You couldn’t think of anything better for a racing family than “Racer”? That’s literally their names. The protagonist in this movie is literally “Speed Racer”…

Anyway, the story, very predictable. I knew right from the beginning what the “big twist” was. Am I good, or is it lazy writing?  The story is long and dragged out. Honestly it could have been done in half the time and been way better. Like I said, I am not a fan of the comic, nor had I heard of it before this, so I can’t say what they stayed true to or didn’t. But I certainly cannot understand how this movie was able to rake in so much money at the box office.

Pretty boring if you ask me.

Rating: 2 paws out of 5.


Turkish delight: from Turkey! It’s a really hard form of jelly, coated with sugar. The problem is, these guys start to melt very quickly. Then they soak up the sugar and become very slimy to handle. Nice tasting though.

Mocha milkshake: this surprised me. I didn’t think it was going to be that good, but it really was. It’s a good idea for someone to have in the morning instead of plain hot coffee. Again.

Chocolate mousse: I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out, but it was very delicious. It was very similar to a chocolate pudding, but a lot lighter. I will be adding this one to my book.

White wine mussels: I love mussels. These were done quickly in a wine and garlic sauce. They were good, but I have to say, I still like them plain. I think mussels have enough flavour on them that anything you add is just unnecessary and a waste of time.



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