Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Movie: Bruce and Lloyd: Out of Control

Review: I had no idea this movie existed until I found it in the cheap bin. It’s a spin-off from the Steve Carrell movie, Get Smart. So already you don’t expect much from this movie, but it did surprise me. It had a plot, although the side plots could have been further developed. It was funny at times, but at other times, unamuzing. Still, it wasn’t boring, it didn’t go off on random tangents, and it quickly got to the point.

The good thing about this film is that is isn’t very long. Maybe an hour or so? But for this type of film, that’s really all that was needed. I’m glad they didn’t make it any longer than necessary. The bad thing about it is it’s very predictable, there were no shockers here. 

The good news is, if you liked Bruce and Lloyd in the Get Smart movie, you will probably enjoy this one. The celebrity cameos were pretty great too. There was one that I just thought that’s pretty cool

It’s a good, “light-hearted” film.

Rating: 3.5 paws out of 5.

My trip around the world tonight landed me in Hong Kong. I made “glutinous” rice balls in a sweet sauce. The balls themselves are pretty bland, and a bit rubbery. The sweet honey sauce makes them edible. Although I would not be likely to make them again, they were not bad.

Ham and Cheese Pretzel Bites: I think I’m getting better at the pretzel thing. These were very good. They can be eaten cold, but I found them better warm. I’m thinking they would be a good snack for children too.

Strawberry Frappicino: Apparently this is an item on the Starbucks “secret menu”. Made with only a couple of strawberries, it is very tasty, not overpowering, and something akin to a strawberry milkshake. I’m impressed.

My favorite part of this movie night was the strawberry-cream cheese dip. It’s a fluffy, creamy, sweet, dip. I served them with animal crackers, but switched to nachos halfway through. The salty nachos went well with the sweet dip. It is a definite keeper as far as this recipe goes. Delicious! 


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