Mini Movie Night: Belgium

Mini Movie Night: Belgium

Movie: Rapture Palooza

Review: Anna Kendrick is adorable. Despite this movie being a complete inappropriate stoner movie, it did have a semi-good story. We’ve all heard about the rapture and how about 90% of us are basically screwed, so it was interesting to have a movie follow the 90%.

It’s packed with amazing actors doing inappropriate comedy, but until it popped up in my Netflix, I had never heard of this movie.

Try as I might though, I could not stop picturing the little kid from Freaks and Geeks…

Rating: 3 out of 5

Waffles: you haven’t had a waffle until you’ve had a homemade one. I simply cannot explain the difference between these and any store-bought variety. I made waffle sticks, just because the maker was so much cheaper. Tastes the same, and they are a bit easy to eat. I love how you can have waffles for breakfast, or throw on some fruit and cream and you’ve got a dessert. Thanks, Belgium!


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