Movie: The Host

Review: The movie starts off with a woman being captured and an alien taking over her body. So it then turns into this woman, talking to herself, trying to convince herself to run away. And then NOTHING happens. It’s so boring. I haven’t read the book, but the movie definately didn’t do anything for me. Then again, I also didn’t get the obsession with the Twilight movies…

I like the idea of a peaceful being taking over the world (movie-wise). The problem with that is, they are peaceful. Where’s the conflict? Yes there’s the scattered crazy lunatic that starts to ruin it all, but it’s not going to result in a full-on war, now is it?

My other problem with this is how easy it was to for the girl once she ran away. Ever see the Hunger Games? Poor Katniss just can’t catch a break. This girl is like “oh you need medicine, here you go.” “Oh you need to find your family, here they are”. 

That brings us to the love “triangle”. Not so much. The dude clearly doesn’t even love her anymore. He doesn’t try to save her, he doesn’t try to spend any time with her. Even with some else living in your body you would think the person who is supposed to love you would want to be around you. At least to keep an eye out.

Yes, it’s sci-fi, meaning you have to leave a lot to the imagination, but this movie could have been done better in my humble opinion. Once again, some magnificent effects wasted on a mediocre production.

Rating: 2.5 paws.

Snow Pudding: I know why it’s call snow pudding. Cause it got s’no flavor… I am Canadian, but I never heard tell of this dessert before I started researching for movie night. I’d expect more Canada…

Nanaimo Bars: These things are pretty much in every Cafe around. I’ve had loads of them before, and despite the pretty awful looks and the hard time I had getting them out of the pan, in tact, they were indeed delicious. The only problem was the size of the pan. I halted the recipe and used a smaller pan, but there was still too much batter for the 8 x 8.

Maple Taffy: It’s so stereotypical-Canadian, but yes I’ve had it before. If you’re not from Canada, and you ever first, you MUST visit one of the Sugar Shacks. Making this at home can be a bit messy, but it was pretty darn good.

Poutine: I mean… You really can’t go wrong. I added some crumbled bacon. Just cause. 

And how can you do Canada without Tim Horton’s? Well, I made a copycat version of their Iced Cappuccino. Although I think this version is closer than the previous iced cap I made, sadly there is nothing like the real thing.

Happy Canada Day!

And Happy Independence Day, as well.


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