Movie: 2012

Review: The movie was much of a let down. It has a strong Day After Tomorrow feel and it’s also a lot like the Titanic. It doesn’t have a path of its own. Yes, it’s a disaster movie so it’s got to be somewhat similar, but the subject of the world ending was such a huge thing that happened that this movie didn’t quite capture. The majority of the movie was so hard to follow. It jumped from character to character, then from place to place. And with Woody Harrelson in the movie, I would have expected a laugh or two even though the world is ending. There were so many GOOD actors in this movie, I didn’t feel they were used to their capabilities. It really only got good for maybe the last twenty minutes or so. There is one scene involving a little puppy that pulled at my heart strings, but I definately wasn’t feeling for these characters. A good note about this one is that they didn’t follow “we can’t kill any characters” rule, making it a little more realistic, but in the end, the ones who lives were very predictable.

They also didn’t seem to mourn the loss of any of the people. Hello! Everyone you know just died! Have a heart people!

Rating: 3.5. Good effects, good story line, poorly executed.

Mushroom Taco: It was tasty, but really what is a taco without meat? 

Fruit Sushi: They were really fun to make. The coconut rice goes really well with any fruit and I’m surprised at how well it stays together. You don’t need this much for one person though. Very filling.

Fijian Honey Cake: Really good. I can’t usually eat cake without icing, but I had no problem with this one. It tastes like a sugar cookie… In cake form.

And finally, I finished with an iced caramel macchiato. It really impressed me. It’s a sweet summer drink for coffee lovers, for sure. It’s so easy too because you don’t need a blender or anything!



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