Movie: The Tooth Fairy

Review: I was rather surprised with this movie. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I really think it’s a great movie for kids to watch too. It stars Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson in a role very similar to that of Tim Allen’s Santa Claus. As the movie progresses, he believes in magic, tooth fairies, and himself. He also learns to love his (girlfriend’s) children.

Sound familiar?

Yeah… All n’ all though, a pretty decent film. Billy Crystal is quite hilarious and when Julie Andrews walked in as an angel I simply thought “Makes sense.” A few other cameos to look forward to as well.

Rating: 4.5 paws out of 5


Lemon Chicken: This is a copycat recipe of the P.F. Chang version. I can’t say I’ve ever tried it since there isn’t one near by, but it is a good recipe. The only comment I would make about it is to make sure you use a very light-tasting oil in this one. I used a regular EVOO, and I could taste that the most. Otherwise, very good.

Tongan Faikakai: Dumplings with a caramel-coconut sauce. They were very good, but if anyone is ever going to make them, two to three dumplings per person is enough. Also, make sure the milk is ready to stir in, otherwise the caramelized sugar will harden too quickly.

Fortune Cookies: I’m surprised how will these turned out. They were pretty fun to make, but handling the hot cookies right out of the oven was a difficult task. 

So cute though:


Creme Brûlée Lattee: I really thought the only creme brûlée- like thing about this was the caramel, but I really does taste like the dessert! The milk acting as the cream, and the caramel added the finishing touch. Add this to the list of goodies!


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