Mini Movie Night: Tanzania

Mini Movie Night: Tanzania

Movie: Prom

Review: Okay, so I actually don’t have that many complaints about this movie. Sure it’s been done a thousand times, the whole Cinderella-in-high-school thing, but this movie didn’t sugar coat things as much as it could of. There is the issue of the popular girl, who gets everything she wants, getting everything she wants. It may be true, but do we need to be reminded that if we aren’t in the “in” crowd, we’ll have a horrible time in high school?

On the other side of it though, you can think of it as a Cinderella story for the guy instead. He diffenately don’t get everything he wants, but if that’s the case, the movie should have focused more on him.

While it did have a more realistic approach to the “prom” story, and how a real guy would react in those situations, the girl’s reactions were clearly understated. How about a little emotion there miss? It was still very predictable though and reminded me quite a lot of Ten things I hate about you. (Minus the inappropriate teenage gambling). 

As much as I don’t really understand Aimee Teegarden’s acting, Thomas McDowell (the 100) was looking pretty good. I can’t decide if he was hot, or just really adorable…

Rating: 4 paws out of 5.

Tanzanian Baked Banana: It tastes as weird as it looks. I just can’t understand the two flavours together. Banana and brown sugar? It was a good idea in theory, but I think I’ll pass next time.



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