Mini Movie Night: Italy

Mini Movie Night: Italy

Movie: Movie 43

Review: What a jumbled mess. It’s a bunch of filthy sketches with no point at all. At first it starts off with a story, then it gets really weird and instead of trying to get back on track they say “screw it, let’s just show the sketches”.

What an unbelievable cast though. Dennis Quaid, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, Mr and Mrs. Pratt, Jason Sudekis as Batman! That one was okay, but I wouldn’t reccomend this movie to anyone. The rating on this was 1.5 stars. I think that’s generous.

Rating: 1 paw out of 5.


Double Chocolate Biscotti: They are so good. As good as any I’ve ever bought. I got excited and sliced them before they were totally cool, but they are still decent looking, and taste great.

Recipe found at 


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