Mini Movie Night: Russia

Mini Movie Night: Russia

Movie: Lethal Weapon

Review: For a movie that came out thirty-some-odd years ago, it’s pretty amazing. It’s action packed, but not in a way that’s like “my glory, they are still blowing things up!”. Mel Gibson plays the character that every now assumes he is. It’s great. It’s a movie for the times. No romance or anything, but that might have just distracted from the action. I am hoping to see some in one of the sequels though, who knows.

This movie reminded me very much of the die hard franchise. Very similar. One man who can do anything he tries to. The only different is in this one he has a partner.

Rating: 5 paws out of 5.

  Trubochki: Pastry cones filled with cream. Delicious. A tip for anyone planning on making them, make sure you squash them together very well, or they will break open. Also, next time I will probably flatten the dough a bit more.

So cute:

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