Cinco de Mayo/Mexico

Cinco de Mayo/Mexico

We celebrated on Cinco de Mayo, but I am late posting this. I couldn’t find any of the movies I wanted to watch for Cinco de Mayo anywhere, so I settled for…

Movie: Office Space

Review:  I’ve heard that this movie was amazing and it has almost a five star rating on Netflix. It was good, but amazing? I wouldn’t say that. The whole movie feels like it’s missing a climax, and the ending was left unresolved as well. That said, it was PACKED with hilarious one-liners, and they created memorable (and mockable) characters. Jennifer Aniston’s part was too small for my liking, but she played it well (as usual).

Rating: 3.5 paws out of 5

Restaurant style nachos: Amazing. This will be my go-to Nacho recipe now. The only down side is the bad onion breath you get afterwards. It’s worth it though.
Churro truffles: I used milk chocolate instead of white. They are good, but it’s too much cream cheese. May a different recipe with less would be better?
Skinny Margaritas!:Made with orange juice, sparkling water, lime juice, and tequila. One of the better cocktails I’ve had. I thought it was going to be sour, but it was pretty good.

  Thanks for reading! Let us know about any recipes or movies we should try! 


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