Congo/ Iceland

Congo/ Iceland

 Movie: Neverending Story 2


Review: The sequel to Neverending Story. Once again I must say, how cute is Falcor? He’s a little scary but a lot adorable. So the movie is a bit hard to follow for kids. I remember not really understanding what the “villain” here was, and even now there are a few things left unanswered, but it’s still an amazing movie. The evil queen’s costumes are HILARIOUS. I really don’t think anyone would have worn that in any century, but the character of the queen was done really well. Again, the made up aspects are incredibly cool and the characters are loveable, but since it is such an old movie, many of the special effects are laughable (I.e. The “car” in the story’s movement).

Still, the movie makes you want to believe in magic and brings you to an incredible world where anything is possible. And a wish-granting necklace? Where can I get an Auryn?!

Seriously though, sequels to movies are usually pretty bad. This one is not bad at all. I’d still prefer the first one, but the third instalment might be my favorite.

Rating:4 paws out of 5.

Icelandic Christmas Cake: Despite the fact that the sauce for this cake was Made of prunes, it wasn’t disgusting. The layers of cake are really tasty. The sauce, not my favorite, but eatable. I’m not sure if the cardamom is too strong in this recipe, or if I’m just not used to the taste of it. ASIDE from that, it’s really good. Will I make it again? Probably not.
Bread bowl: filled with soup, I would suggest a lower cooking time, but overall it served its purpose. No leakage here!

Congo chewies: As far as I can tell, these are glorified chocolate chip cookies, in square form. It is a very good recipe though, and saved me time since I didn’t have to shape them.

The Italian soda was my favorite. I’ve had them in restaurants/cafes before and I didn’t think I’d get a taste similar to that, but this is pretty much identical. I can’t wait to track down some more flavours and mix them up! I used vanilla and caramel since that’s the only two I can find in stores, but it will be fun to mix and match and see what else tastes good.


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