Mini Movie Night: USA

Mini Movie Night: USA

Movie: The Neverending Story 


Review: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. This movie hits every emotion. For such an old movie, it’s fantastic. The story is timeless. No matter what decade, I think kids will understand and somehow relate to this movie forever. Some of the graphics are pretty laughable, especially the backgrounds, but the characters and made up aspects are so cool and fun. Who doesn’t want a luck dragon after watching this movie? He’s almost as cute as my little guy!


This movie combines modern day with a magical fantasy world. It’s a movie you can watch as a child, or enjoy just as much as an adult. A warning to all you animal lovers though, it gets rough for a bit.

Rating: 4.5 paws. I had to deduct .5 for some of the graphics and the sad scene.


Mini donuts: I’m not sure you can get more American than the donut. Well, maybe pie, but I’m sure I’ll be making pie another time. I fried these lil guys up in my baby cakes donut maker. Are they not adorable? They taste great too, with or without icing (although I prefer with).

I combined recipes for these. I used the first for the actual donuts and the second for the icing. It wasn’t difficult at all. I quartered the recipes and I got eleven mini donuts. I will absolutely make these little fellas again. So good.


Chicken nachos: These were a very last minute decision. I tried to look up a few recipes for dip, but most were Buffalo chicken, which I’ve already had and am not fond of. I really wanted nachos, but I also wanted chicken. If anyone has any good recipes they want to share, I’m all ears. These were good, but pretty bland, just nachos, chicken, and cheese.

The pretty picture: 



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