Movie: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Review: An absolutely fun adventure for the whole family. The story is fun and imaginative, however, it does go way in left field for a few minutes. While children will enjoy it, and you could probably use one of the characters to scare them into being good, adults like myself may find some plot holes. I tend to over think a lot of things. I guess that’s why my date for movie night is an orange tabby.

The songs are cute and addictive. I do have to mention that The lady in this film was not cast that well. Dick van Dyke and the children are singing happily along, and then this lady comes out of nowhere, belting operatic notes. It didn’t quite fit in. Talented, yes. Beautiful, yes. Good for this role, not particularly.

Rating: 4 out of 5 paws

Eggplant Parm: good in theory, the taste does not live up. It’s okay, but probably my least favorite of the night. I won’t make it again. However, before it is slathered with sauce and baked, the eggplant slices are good just fried as with this recipe. I’d rather them that way.

Frosted Lemonade: it’s lemonade blended with ice cream. Again, good in theory, but the result is WAY too sweet. Making it from scratch, instead of lemonade could be a good option. Maybe I will try that next week.

Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms: holy guacamole. These guys took me by surprise. They taste like pizza stuffed inside mushrooms. So easy to make, and surprisingly filling.

My Thailand dessert, Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango: this is exactly the type of thing I was looking for when I started my world wide journey. I wanted to find amazing recipes from other places, that were not overly difficult to recreate, but taste delicious nonetheless. Mission accomplished. Amazing.

  I can haz some to?
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Movie: Now You See Me

Review: My brain still hurts. A bunch of magicians rob a bank? But they don’t rob a bank? Either way, it’s brilliant. Prepare to have your mind teased, then blown, then teased again. Let’s run down the list.

Woody Harrelson: This man is very talented. Considering that most of the time he doesn’t know he’s on the Earth, that’s quite a feat.

Dave Franco: The hotter of the Francos these days. We still love you James, but git it together dude.

Mark Ruffalo: I mean… It’s the hulk… You gotta love him.

Isla Fischer (Cohen?): She’s so adorable and professional. It’s too bad she had to go and marry Borat.

Jesse Eisenberg: I may have just butchered his name. I don’t know what it is about him… He just seems so clever and his fast-talking is very impressive. I can’t wait to see him in the new Superman movie.

My favorite part though would have to be the square-off between Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine. Seriously, how did the world not explode? How am I still here? So fantastic. Encore!

The tricks were cool, the actors are hot, the ending- a bit of a let down.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paws.


Ham and Cheese pinwheels: Definately an easy make for movie night. I think kids would enjoy them too. Mine flattened a bit as I baked them side on, but they still taste good.

Queijada? : a Portuguese dessert. It’s an egg-tart-type-thing. There’s a big egg taste. The only good part was the side crust. Not the greatest.

Red fried tomatoes: they were meant to be green, but I can’t find green tomatoes in any stores. Maybe if I had the right tomatoes, they would be okay, but I’m not loving these.

Kook-aid slushie: Easy, tasty, and a lot of people will already have the ingredients. I’ll make a few of these this summer.


How cute is this guy!?!

Mini Movie Night: Russia

Mini Movie Night: Russia

Movie: Lethal Weapon

Review: For a movie that came out thirty-some-odd years ago, it’s pretty amazing. It’s action packed, but not in a way that’s like “my glory, they are still blowing things up!”. Mel Gibson plays the character that every now assumes he is. It’s great. It’s a movie for the times. No romance or anything, but that might have just distracted from the action. I am hoping to see some in one of the sequels though, who knows.

This movie reminded me very much of the die hard franchise. Very similar. One man who can do anything he tries to. The only different is in this one he has a partner.

Rating: 5 paws out of 5.

  Trubochki: Pastry cones filled with cream. Delicious. A tip for anyone planning on making them, make sure you squash them together very well, or they will break open. Also, next time I will probably flatten the dough a bit more.

So cute:

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Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Movie: Date Night

Review: Who doesn’t love Tina Fey? She’s amazing.  Add Steve Carrell, a dash of shirtless Mark Walberg, and hilarious cameos, put in NYC and you got a five star movie. Constant laughs, and the outtakes show how clever these two actors really are.

They’re running around New York City trying to clear their names with not an item to their name. Hmmm.. You mean you can get by without checking your iPhone every six seconds. Who knew?

Action, adventure, comedy. This movie really has it all. What more can I say?

Rating: 5 out of 5 paws

Broccoli Cheese Soup: Very good. I added a few pieces of bacon, just to add a bit of meat to the meal. Not too hard to make either. For a soup, its a quicker option. It’s also a restaurant copycat, although I’ve never had the restaurant version.
Orange Crush Cocktail: Orange juice, vodka, sparkling water. Very tart, not anything special.

Czech Republic strawberry roulade and ice cream fruit sundae. There are fancy names for these but I can’t pronounce or spell them. Both were really good. The roulade was my favorite though. You have to follow the recipe very closely, but the result tastes delicious.
 And a little treat for my sweet.




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Cinco de Mayo/Mexico

Cinco de Mayo/Mexico

We celebrated on Cinco de Mayo, but I am late posting this. I couldn’t find any of the movies I wanted to watch for Cinco de Mayo anywhere, so I settled for…

Movie: Office Space

Review:  I’ve heard that this movie was amazing and it has almost a five star rating on Netflix. It was good, but amazing? I wouldn’t say that. The whole movie feels like it’s missing a climax, and the ending was left unresolved as well. That said, it was PACKED with hilarious one-liners, and they created memorable (and mockable) characters. Jennifer Aniston’s part was too small for my liking, but she played it well (as usual).

Rating: 3.5 paws out of 5

Restaurant style nachos: Amazing. This will be my go-to Nacho recipe now. The only down side is the bad onion breath you get afterwards. It’s worth it though.
Churro truffles: I used milk chocolate instead of white. They are good, but it’s too much cream cheese. May a different recipe with less would be better?
Skinny Margaritas!:Made with orange juice, sparkling water, lime juice, and tequila. One of the better cocktails I’ve had. I thought it was going to be sour, but it was pretty good.

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Congo/ Iceland

Congo/ Iceland

 Movie: Neverending Story 2


Review: The sequel to Neverending Story. Once again I must say, how cute is Falcor? He’s a little scary but a lot adorable. So the movie is a bit hard to follow for kids. I remember not really understanding what the “villain” here was, and even now there are a few things left unanswered, but it’s still an amazing movie. The evil queen’s costumes are HILARIOUS. I really don’t think anyone would have worn that in any century, but the character of the queen was done really well. Again, the made up aspects are incredibly cool and the characters are loveable, but since it is such an old movie, many of the special effects are laughable (I.e. The “car” in the story’s movement).

Still, the movie makes you want to believe in magic and brings you to an incredible world where anything is possible. And a wish-granting necklace? Where can I get an Auryn?!

Seriously though, sequels to movies are usually pretty bad. This one is not bad at all. I’d still prefer the first one, but the third instalment might be my favorite.

Rating:4 paws out of 5.

Icelandic Christmas Cake: Despite the fact that the sauce for this cake was Made of prunes, it wasn’t disgusting. The layers of cake are really tasty. The sauce, not my favorite, but eatable. I’m not sure if the cardamom is too strong in this recipe, or if I’m just not used to the taste of it. ASIDE from that, it’s really good. Will I make it again? Probably not.
Bread bowl: filled with soup, I would suggest a lower cooking time, but overall it served its purpose. No leakage here!

Congo chewies: As far as I can tell, these are glorified chocolate chip cookies, in square form. It is a very good recipe though, and saved me time since I didn’t have to shape them.

The Italian soda was my favorite. I’ve had them in restaurants/cafes before and I didn’t think I’d get a taste similar to that, but this is pretty much identical. I can’t wait to track down some more flavours and mix them up! I used vanilla and caramel since that’s the only two I can find in stores, but it will be fun to mix and match and see what else tastes good.

Mini Movie Night: USA

Mini Movie Night: USA

Movie: The Neverending Story 


Review: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. This movie hits every emotion. For such an old movie, it’s fantastic. The story is timeless. No matter what decade, I think kids will understand and somehow relate to this movie forever. Some of the graphics are pretty laughable, especially the backgrounds, but the characters and made up aspects are so cool and fun. Who doesn’t want a luck dragon after watching this movie? He’s almost as cute as my little guy!


This movie combines modern day with a magical fantasy world. It’s a movie you can watch as a child, or enjoy just as much as an adult. A warning to all you animal lovers though, it gets rough for a bit.

Rating: 4.5 paws. I had to deduct .5 for some of the graphics and the sad scene.


Mini donuts: I’m not sure you can get more American than the donut. Well, maybe pie, but I’m sure I’ll be making pie another time. I fried these lil guys up in my baby cakes donut maker. Are they not adorable? They taste great too, with or without icing (although I prefer with).

I combined recipes for these. I used the first for the actual donuts and the second for the icing. It wasn’t difficult at all. I quartered the recipes and I got eleven mini donuts. I will absolutely make these little fellas again. So good.


Chicken nachos: These were a very last minute decision. I tried to look up a few recipes for dip, but most were Buffalo chicken, which I’ve already had and am not fond of. I really wanted nachos, but I also wanted chicken. If anyone has any good recipes they want to share, I’m all ears. These were good, but pretty bland, just nachos, chicken, and cheese.

The pretty picture: