Movie: A Million Ways to Die in the West

Review: Seth MacFarlane stars in this movie with Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson, and Neil Patrick Harris. Can’t go wrong with this one, right?


What a huge disappointment. I was expecting to thoroughly laugh my ass off. If you’ve seen the preview, you’ve already seen the best parts of this movie. If you haven’t seen it, and you decide to, I have a drinking game for you. Take a drink every time someone drops the F-bomb, and do a shot every time someone dies. You will be hammered.

The only things I liked about this movie were the unexpected guests from other movies and Neil Patrick Harris dancing like he’s on Broadway.

Maybe I had set my bar too high before I started watching, but it was a complete let down.

Rating: 3 paws out of 5.


I started with a chicken carbonara Quiznos sub copycat. I definately enjoyed it, but as for “copycat” of the Quiznos version… Probably not. I will say though that it probably depends on the type and brand of sauce that you use, but you probably won’t ever get it the same. Still, very good, and easy supper. I will make this one again.
My Around-the-world dish this time was a Banana Coconut Soup from Vietnam. There’s basically two flavours in this dessert. Coconut and Banana…. That’s it. And neither one is overly potent. I will say that the recipe I used was not the best and I’d suggest if you’re going to try it, try a different recipe. It’s eatable, but doesn’t spark my senses.

Next I had an adorable mini cake. It’s a banana caramel cake with buttercream frosting and caramel drizzle. I’m pretty sure this cake was made for a birthday party. It’s festive and really, with the right sprinkles you can use it for any occasion. Maybe for Mother’s Day coming up?

Anyway, it’s incredible. The only change I would make is one dollop of frosting, instead of three on the top. That’s also because my cake was probably smaller than the one these guys made, but it is a lot of frosting. Five paws!
And my drink for tonight was an iced caramel macchiato (keeping with the theme). The recipe called for espresso, but I, like most people, don’t have an espresso machine so here is my adapted version:

1. Half fill a cup with ice, then milk.

2. Pour in flavor syrup (you can use vanilla, I used caramel)

3. Fill to top with cooled, brewed coffee.

4. Top with whipped cream (if you wish)

5. Drizzle caramel syrup on top. (The ice cream kind, not the coffee kind)

It’s very similar to ones you can buy at coffee shops, and you can add more coffee to make it stronger. When the ice melts it blends together very nicely.



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