Movie: Hotel Transylvania

  Make no mistake, this cat is spoiled.

Review: So yes, it is an animated film. BUT it is also starring Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, and a whole crew of legendary comedians. Kevin James, David Spade, I believe Steve Bushemi showed up, Fran Dresher!, Molly Shannon,.. it’s a huge list. Almost forgot, Andy Samberg! You can’t go wrong with some Bergs.

So is this actually supposed to be a kids’ movie? It seems like it.. but as a kid I’m pretty sure I would be terrified and have nightmares after this. It IS monsters after all. I’m thinking a lot of kids wouldn’t get the jokes either, maybe the older ones, but for the target demographic for this movie, it should have been a little less thrilling. 

As an adult, it’s pretty entertaining, but I would give a warning to any watching with children. You might be up all night.

Rating: 4.5 out 5 paws. It’s well done. We can’t wait for the sequel.

The food:

   Well, I started out making a stir fry, and then I accidentally used twice the flour.. oops.. so i ended up with more of a casserole/bake kind of a deal. And I got to say, I may have liked this better. Stir Fry is usually a bit too intense for me so for me, this might have been a better option. Who knew!?
For those of you who like the traditional way, here’s the recipe. Either way, it’s very good.


I went for an easier drink this time. Rootbeer float. I mean.again, you really can’t go wrong.

Algeria: Griwech? Griouche? Something like that. Let’s just call them honey doughnuts. They were very tasty. Would I make them again? Probably not. I’m not sure I can get the shaping down, but if I happened to be somewhere that had them, yeah I’d eat one.
I also made a buffalo chicken dip. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture until it was half gone. I used cream cheese, buffalo sauce, and ranch dressing, along with a few other ingredients. It was okay, but not a favorite, and way too spicy for me. I need a more mellowed version for next time.

 Never fails:


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