Movie: Marmaduke

Review: Talking animal movies are hilarious, and Owen Wilson is hilarious anyway. But come on, I know that something bad always has to happen to make the story, but can it not be THIS dramatic? This is why I can’t watch dog movies. It was filled with hilarious one liners. My favorite would have to be (spoiler alert) “it’s raining cats and us!” As a cat lady, it was a bit hard to watch, but I suppose it all worked out in the end. Beware, it will attack your heart strings.

Rating: 4.5 paws out of 5. It gets a little boring 3/4 the way through.


The food:

Rice Crispy… I mean… “Crispy rice” eggs.

Easiest thing to make, five minutes per five eggs. It’s just rice crispy squares but in egg form. Good, but ordinary.  


Guyanese Salara:

It’s called a “cake”, but the concept is basically a bread, rolled like a cinnamon roll, with coconut inside. Nothing too special about it.

I slathered mine in icing, here is the before and after.

Bunny tails: Again, simple recipe. Cream cheese, keep adding icing sugar until it is doughy, roll in coconut. Pretty good actually. And it came in handy when I made a last minute bunny cake.



Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sticks: really good. Yes they are spicy, but the cheese cools it down. I’d still need a glass by my side while eating. I’ll make these again.

Copycat Moolatte (from DQ) : I found this on Pinterest and wanted to try it. It was very delicious. I added a shot of caramel. I think it was even better than the frappé.

And finally, the Swiss.Toberlone. Chocolate. Fondue. 

You heard me. 

And yes, it’s as good as it sounds. Recipe win. My only issue is that when its staying warm in the fondue pot it stays runny. Still. It tastes amazing so… There’s that.



 Thanks for reading! 


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