French Movie Night

French Movie Night

Movie: French theme, French movie. Amelie.

Review: It’s the story of a girl who finds a box of toys in her apartment and decides to return them to their owner, thus starting a pattern of good deeds. Firstly, the film is entirely in french. There are subtitles! When I started watching and I realized it was going to be 100% in french, I didn’t think I’d make it ten minutes. It was actually surprisingly good. There were no rules for this film. Anything could happen. The way this shy girl who barely even spoke throughout the film managed such dramatic scenes, it was pretty brilliant. The story is far-fetched, and the sequel to this would be something like “Couple breaks up after first conversation”, but it was fairly interesting, nonetheless.

Rating: 4 1/4 stars out of 5. (Can I do that?)


All this food was pretty amazing. Maybe I should move to France? (Count me out on the snails though)

Duck L’orange: Eatable, it was okay. Recipe was a bit difficult, duck would not have cooked in the time alotted, but it was alright. Unlikely to make again.

Baguette: Very good. Tastes like any I’ve bought in store.

Mille-Feuille: I made this COMPLETELY from scratch. I would suggest to anyone who tries making this, don’t make the puff pastry dough. Just buy it. It took way too long and was way too much work. Just buy it.

So it’s three strips of pastry with custard in between and icing on top. I had this in a french bakery before, and while my version my not be EXACTLY like the ones I bought, it’s pretty darn close. It’s really sweet, but yeah, I’ll make this again. You could use your own custard recipe if you wanted to be lazy, it would probably taste just as good. The icing is pretty simple, I wouldn’t change it.

My drink tonight was a classic Shirley Temple. Simple enough. Ice, OJ, Soda, Grenadine. If you forget, they even put the recipe on the bottle for ya. Very good. I’ve been drinking these all night.

My favorite though was the soup. Mussel and Fennel Bisque. I had a bit of trouble with the pureeing part of the process, but it actually wasn’t that hard to make besides that. VERY VERY tasty. Very rich, very filling. Can’t wait to make this again.

And once again, someone just doesn’t the movie. He did get to see another cat though!   





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