Mini movie night: Classics

Mini movie night: Classics

Movie tonight: Funny Face

Review: This movie, starring Audrey Hepburn was pretty quick slow going. The songs were catchy and the dance sequences very well done, but again, not much story here. This is supposed to be a movie about an average girl turning into a model and finding love. There were no transitions! One minute she’s “ordinary”, the next she’s a model. One minute she’s single, the next she’s in love. How did that happen? I would have liked to see more development there, but it is a classic with two very talented actors of all time.

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Food: a classic American dish. Apple pie! (Single serving) SO EASY.

The crust is about 30g of butter and 60g of flour, with a drop of water added to mix. Shape to pie form, fill with apples (I mixed in sugar and cinnamon) and voila! Easy go-to for hungry nights.


One thought on “Mini movie night: Classics

  1. Nice! If you haven’t seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you might check it out if you like Audrey Hepburn. Also, although you won’t run out of dessert ideas anytime soon with the “around the world” concept, you could also do a “U.S. tour” with a dessert from each state. Here’s a link to recipes by state on Allrecipes –


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