Food around the world

Food around the world

I’ve decided to add one dessert from a different country to each movie night.

Which country should I start with? Recipe suggestions? Let me know.

Treat yo self

Treat yo self

So i had my first movie night. Overall it went pretty well.

First of, the movie I chose to watch was Prince of Persia. 

This movie had a lot to live up to since it is a well-known game. I would have to say that as good as it was, it did not live up to expectations. The fight scenes were long and the story seemed to drag on. It was clever, and the obvious time period jokes were prett funny, but made the story less believable. The actress who played the princess however really did seem like a princess. At times I found her hard to hear because she spoke so soft, but if you’re looking to cast a princess in your next movie, i’d definately put her in the running.

The kissing scene was horribly timed and very unbelievable. It really seemed like these two actors were not into it at all.

Overall I would say the movie isn’t terrible. The ending was a bit upsetting, if you think about it, but sums up the whole story. I’d give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

Now, for the food.

I made soft pretzels using this recipe. They turned out pretty good, but I have yet to master the pretzel shape. lol.

I made a spinach dip in a warm bread bowl. However, I used a different recipe for the dip. It turned out pretty good as well. If you enjoy spinach dip, I would recommend this one.

I used this recipe:

but substituted with this dip:–spinach-dip-restaurant-style/

My favorite item was the fruit pizza. The ‘bread’ is a cookie topped with a cream cheese icing and mounds of fruit. It was absolutely delicious. Every part of this recipe is perfect. 5 stars!

And lastly, the drink was a blue raspberry lemonade. The drink was okay, but VERY sweet. I wouldn’t make it again, but I could drink it if I had to.

The recipe is very large and it is very hard to cut it down given the ingredients.

Here are some pictures:

and my date for the evening: